1. Presentation

Universidad Jaume I and the Department of Communication Sciences organize the XIX International Conference of the Spanish Society of Journalism-Sociedad Española de Periodística (SEP) that will take place 7th-8th June 2013 in Castellón, Valencia.

The conference ‘Journalism and Democracy in the Digital Era’ will be based on keynote speakers, round tables and the presentation of research papers on the field of Journalism


2. Goals

The XIX SEP International Conference aims to debate on interactions that take place among journalism and democracy within the digitalization.

The impact of the global financial crises and the technological innovation are changing the journalistic practices, structures and procedures. Thus, these transformations have a deep effect on both social role and democratic aims of journalists. We could mention many factors of change such as public sphere transformation, the emergence of new business models and new forms of citizen empowerment through social media. Also there are many changes on both production and distribution of news, new ethic challenges, and an increase of infoentretainment.

All these transformations have a huge impact on both the social and public goals of journalism. It is more than ever necessary to encourage research and consider the new contributions of journalism within this new paradigm which would determinate the new roles that journalists should have in this new digital context.


3. Paper submission

Authors with papers on topics related to the themes are encouraged to submit abstracts according to the following themes:

1. Democratic contributions of Journalism

2. Politics and Journalistic relationship in democracy

3. Journalism and changes on the public sphere

4. Journalism, social media, participation and democracy

5. Quality and credibility parameters in the journalistic information

6. Digital business models in Journalism and its democratic consequences

7. Ethics, journalistic liability and freedom of expression

8. New information actors, new contents and new forms of Journalism

9. Journalism and public service: transformations within the digital context

10. New professional profiles of Journalism


Deadline: 20th May 2013

Abstracts should be sent on an attached document to congreso2013sep@gmail.com.

Abstracts should not be longer than 300 words and should include thematic panel / Author and affiliation/ title/ objectives/ methodology/ brief conclusions/ keywords (max 6)

Abstracts will be selected according to peer review.

Notification of acceptance: 25th May 2013

Full paper submission:  6th June 2013 to congreso2013sep@gmail.com

Full papers will be no longer than 7.000 words. References will be placed at the end of the document according to the APA style. Footnotes will be exceptional and will be placed at the end of the document.

Certificates of assistance will only be delivered to authors who physically present their work in the Conference


5. Publications

All papers presented in the Conference may be published on:

a)    Digital book with ISBN

b)    Selected papers will be published in a coordinated printed book within the SEP publisher.

c)    adComunica Journal (http://www.adcomunicarevista.com) (DICE, RESH and Latindex) will publish a monographic that will include a selection of the papers presented in the Conference


6. Inscription

Before May 30th 2013

Registration fee
SEP members 60 euros
Junior SEP members 40 euros
No SEP members 80 euros
Unemployed* 50 euros
Students* 20 euros

*These conditions have to be proved

Late registration fee

Registration fee
SEP members 80 euros
Junior SEP members 60 euros
No SEP members 100euros
Unemployed* 60 euros
Students* 25 euros

*These conditions have to be proved

In order to course the inscription authors should send an email to congreso2013sep@gmail.com including the following information:




Payment conditions:

Registration fee
SEP members 60 euros
Junior SEP members 40 euros
No SEP members 80 euros
Unemployed* 50 euros
Students* 20 euros

* These conditions have to be proved


The payments must be done to the following bank account (Banco Santander):: 0049 4898 90 2216128106. All the inscriptions must include the item: 13G003 + Name and surname.

We kindly ask authors to have a copy of the bank transfer in case we need it. All the authors of a paper will have to pay the inscription fee.

Inscription will include coffee breaks and lunch.


7. Committees

Organizing Committee:

President: Andreu Casero Ripollés: Senior Lecturer at Universitat Jaume I

Cristina CullellMarch: Junior Lecturer Universitat Jaume I

Hugo Doménech Fabregat: Junior Lecturer Universitat Jaume I

Jéssica Izquierdo Castillo: Junior Lecturer Universitat Jaume I

Sonia González Molina:  Junior Lecturer Universitat Jaume I

Pablo López Rabadán: Junior Lecturer Universitat Jaume I

Sara Ortells Badenes: Junior Lecturer Universitat Jaume I

Fátima Ramos del Cano: Junior Lecturer Universitat Jaume I

Javier Marzal Felici: Professor Universitat Jaume I

Francisco Fernández Beltrán: Director of the Department of Communication and Publications of the Universitat Jaume I


Scientific Committee:

José Ignacio Armentia: Universidad del País Vasco

Francisco Campos Freire: Universidad de Santiago Compostela

Josep Maria Casasús Guri: UniversitatPompeuFabra

Andreu Casero Ripollés: Universitat Jaume I de Castellón

Javier Díaz Noci: UniversitatPompeuFabra

María Pilar Diezhandino: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Concha Edo Bolós: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

José Alberto García Avilés: Universidad Miguel Hernández Elche

María Luisa Humanes Humanes: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Manel López: Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Guillermo López García: Universitat de València

Xosé López García: Universidad de Santiago Compostela

Koldobika Meso Ayerdi: Universidad del País Vasco

Manuel Martín Algarra: Universidad de Navarra

Josep Lluís Micó Sanz: Universitat Ramon Llull

Marcial Murciano Martínez:Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Luís Núñez Ladevéze:Universidad CEU San Pablo

Ramón Salaverría: Universidad de Navarra